12 North Road
BN15 9AE
Monday to friday 09.00am -17.00pm
Saturday 09.00-13.00pm
Closed Sundays & Bank Holidays

Sudz Cleaners

Service Washes-Duvet Cleaning

Dry Cleaning-Wedding Dress cleaning

Alterations & Repairs-RugDoctor Hire

Curtain Cleaning-Ironing Service


*Wash, Dry & Fold  £ 3.25per kg

*Wash, Dry & Iron £4.35 per kg

*Iron Only £4.55 per kg

*Excludes Shirts & Formal Wear

*Other Exclusions Apply

* Minimum charges apply of


*Shirts wash & press £2.25

*Shirts wash & fold £1.30

*Shirts press only £1.40

*5 shirts washed and pressed £10.00

                                                                                     *Excludes Dress Shirts

You are responsible for the following points

Separate and sort colours, check care labels, ensure no Dry Clean Only, Hand Wash, Feather Filled or Non Tumble Dry items are included, check that no pens tissues are left in pockets as this could cause damage to garments and machines.

Please bag any soiled items separately and inform us when you drop them off.

We cannot accept claims for missing items in service washes, as it is not cost effective to ticket all items individually.

Non tumble dry, hand wash, feather filled and dry clean items can not be included in service washes. We will not accept any liability for any damaged items which should not of been included in the service wash.